What is Modern School Portraiture?


Modern School Portaits

The idea of Modern School Portraits was born when I began photographing my daughters' preschool to help them with their annual Meet The Artist fundraiser.  Over the next 9 years, with the help and feedback of the teachers, staff and other parents, I have developed a relaxed, fun and timeless approach to school photography.  

Each time I photograph a preschool, homeschool group, private school or other group of children, I take the time to work with that organization to plan for their vision for their students.  We choose a location, schedule a date and then begin organizing the classes and children for their picture day.


Picture Day & Ordering

Prior to picture day, parents are given a pre-order form.  Parents who wish to can make orders ahead of picture day.  There is also the option for parents to receive an email "proof" of their child's portrait after picture day and THEN place an order.  

When picture day arrives, the children come to a designated location in their school at an allotted time.  Each child receives 2-3 minutes of my individual attention to warm up, giggle, joke and get their truest possible self in front of the camera.  Children who need extra time, or