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Tricia, Cece & Natalie - A Mother's Love | Annapolis Photographer

Tricia came across my A Mother's Love sessions through our mutual friend Kelly.  And because I've never tried these type of sessions before, I was just really excited to get some mommy's out from behind their camera & in some lasting images with their children.  

Tricia told me she had two little girls, and we would probably need her husband's help to corral them in Downtown Annapolis.  With me being so largely pregnant, she was right!  Thanks, Dad, for coming to make sure the kids didn't run in to any traffic & that I didn't either!  

Cece was instantly my hand-holder - I felt so honored!  I had to actually ask her to let go of my hand so I could hold my camera!  And the constant little girl conversations she offered up were adorable - such a fun age.  Seeing how sweet she was with her little sister, Natalie, just made my heart swell & think of my girls together.  Sisters are such an invaluable source of friendship, irritation, love & continual enjoyment.

Enjoy their photos...and again, thanks Dad for helping out & popping in for a few photos.  You all were great!  

Beverly & Anderson | Annapolis Family Photographer

Beverly is one of my dear sweet friends...and we happen to be pregnant at the same time this go-around!  That has happened with a lot of my girlfriends - don't drink whatever we all drank!  She is due with baby #2 in late June and I am excited to be able to document that next chapter in their lives when it happens.

In the mean time, Bev asked if I'd be able to fit her & Anderson in for A Mother's Love session before our baby #3 arrived.  Why of course!!  She used this session as a surprise for her husband & I've now been given permission to share!

And although she's tired, chasing an active toddler boy, I think she is simply glowing lately.  Their interactions during our time together just made me smile.  It's such a sweet thing to see how great it is that God has made your friends go from loving, caring people, to wonderful & lovely parents.  

Enjoy Beverly & her little man, Anderson...

Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai | Annapolis Family Photographer

Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai are three siblings who we've been connected with for years.  I remember meeting their dad, Matt, and his family, before he even married his wonderful wife Trish.  

So when Matt contacted me rather last-minute about surprising his wife with some photos for Mother's Day, I was really excited!  Yes, I am almost ready to pop this baby out, but hey, why just sit around & wait?  If I can still work, still get down, still control my camera, then I'm going to still be taking photos...especially for such dear friends!

Enjoy Trish's Mother's Day surprise...her three children in photos...together...smiling!  {Every mother's dream, right?}


Mikaila | Personal Project

Mikaila is one of our neighbors, and even more importantly, one of the babysitters our girls love!  She's completely sweet, awesome, and an overall just great girl (good job, Mom & Dad).  We really appreciate all that she does for us & our girls, so when her mom told me about their plans to surprise her with an early graduation present, I HAD to be there to witness it.

Mikaila's parents got her a new {to her} car as an early graduation present.  They told us they planned on taking her out to a family dinner, and then have another neighbor move her car in to their numbered space.  So when they arrived back home, they would think some stranger parked in their spot.  

They arrived home & all of this happened perfectly.  They had Mikaila get out of the car to see if she could see any signs of who it belonged to so they could ask the person to move it.  When she got out & looked in the window, the following is what happened...

Grant + Jennifer {and Kyle, too} | Ferndale Wedding Photographer

Jennifer & Grant were married in the week where we probably received the most rain in Maryland in memorable history.  It poured & poured & poured in the days leading up to their wedding.  I was truly worried about these two making the trek from Kentucky to Maryland for their big day.  But God answered our prayers, the rains ceased, and the ground began to dry.  It was even lovely enough for our planned first look location - yay!!!

Jennifer is my husband's cousin, but I just call her my cousin.  She & her family have always made me feel so welcome and a part of the family from the very beginning.  There's no way I couldn't call them family!  

And with Jennifer's background in Fashion Design, sewing, and all-around super creativity, I KNEW this was going to be a beautiful wedding.  She's one of those picky people, but picky & sweet at the same time - a dream come true!  Once we established that I, indeed, could shoot her wedding while 8 months pregnant, she kept in constant communication about her plans, what she & Grant wanted, and what we could realistically accomplish.

I couldn't have asked for a better cousin {and new cousin in Grant} on her wedding day.  It was such a joy to see them celebrate with their son, their family and their friends.  Thanks for including me!

Enjoy your sneak peek...