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Grant + Jennifer {and Kyle, too} | Ferndale Wedding Photographer

Jennifer & Grant were married in the week where we probably received the most rain in Maryland in memorable history.  It poured & poured & poured in the days leading up to their wedding.  I was truly worried about these two making the trek from Kentucky to Maryland for their big day.  But God answered our prayers, the rains ceased, and the ground began to dry.  It was even lovely enough for our planned first look location - yay!!!

Jennifer is my husband's cousin, but I just call her my cousin.  She & her family have always made me feel so welcome and a part of the family from the very beginning.  There's no way I couldn't call them family!  

And with Jennifer's background in Fashion Design, sewing, and all-around super creativity, I KNEW this was going to be a beautiful wedding.  She's one of those picky people, but picky & sweet at the same time - a dream come true!  Once we established that I, indeed, could shoot her wedding while 8 months pregnant, she kept in constant communication about her plans, what she & Grant wanted, and what we could realistically accomplish.

I couldn't have asked for a better cousin {and new cousin in Grant} on her wedding day.  It was such a joy to see them celebrate with their son, their family and their friends.  Thanks for including me!

Enjoy your sneak peek...

Kathi + Marty | Lothian Wedding Photographer

Wow....what an amazing weekend!  Kathi & Marty are married and it was an awesome celebration of love & waiting on the one God has for you.  They were just so in love with one another the entire day...and all the days before...and it was so lovely to see!  And Debbie & I were so tickled when they both kept pulling us aside to share little surprises they had for one another throughout the day.

They celebrated with just a few {hundred} of their closest friends & family at Marty's home church in Lothian, Maryland.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  The rain held off until the party was over, we got some amazing cloud cover for their Bride & Groom photos, and their wedding party was just so fun to work with - crutches an all!

Enjoy this quick peek at their day! 

Caleb & Robin - Bride + Groom Portraits | Trappe, MD Wedding Photographer

I must first start off this blog by saying that Robin is my youngest sister-in-law and one of THE most wonderful girls I know.  When she started dating Caleb, and subsequently got engaged & then married, my husband I were equally excited & saddened.  Excited that she had found a love for a lifetime, and saddened that she would be moving away from our close-knit family to Florida.  *sniff sniff*

But I digress...

This post is one of a few I will feature on their wedding day.  I am going to show you the several moments throughout their special day that Robin & Caleb set aside for myself & Debbie (my wonderful assistant) to take some portraits of just them.  Not only was it a great time to get some wonderful images of the two of them, it also gave them several uninterrupted moments to just savor the fact that they were married, that they were loved, and that they were starting on an amazing new adventure.  

We took these photos after the family & bridal party pictures, and then again as sun was setting.  Enjoy!

Kathi & Marty | Chesapeake Beach Engagement

Well, I don't know about you, but I a completely over all of this snow! I know it has been fun, we've had plenty of time playing in snow - sledding & hiking through the woods - but I am longing for just a tad bit warmer weather!  And I am really looking forward to these two's wedding in about two months as well.  I KNOW it will be warmer by then!

I have known Kathi for over 10 years.  She and I attend the same church & my husband and I used to live in the same part of town as her.  When I started seeing her coming to church with a certain gentleman last year, I knew something was up.  And then when they were engaged, we were ecstatic!  

Being with these two on their sunrise engagement was just wonderful!  Not the waking up early part, but witnessing their love for one another was simply refreshing.  I cannot wait for their big day in April!

Enjoy their photos....