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Kathi + Marty | Lothian Wedding Photographer

Wow....what an amazing weekend!  Kathi & Marty are married and it was an awesome celebration of love & waiting on the one God has for you.  They were just so in love with one another the entire day...and all the days before...and it was so lovely to see!  And Debbie & I were so tickled when they both kept pulling us aside to share little surprises they had for one another throughout the day.

They celebrated with just a few {hundred} of their closest friends & family at Marty's home church in Lothian, Maryland.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  The rain held off until the party was over, we got some amazing cloud cover for their Bride & Groom photos, and their wedding party was just so fun to work with - crutches an all!

Enjoy this quick peek at their day! 

Kathi & Marty | Chesapeake Beach Engagement

Well, I don't know about you, but I a completely over all of this snow! I know it has been fun, we've had plenty of time playing in snow - sledding & hiking through the woods - but I am longing for just a tad bit warmer weather!  And I am really looking forward to these two's wedding in about two months as well.  I KNOW it will be warmer by then!

I have known Kathi for over 10 years.  She and I attend the same church & my husband and I used to live in the same part of town as her.  When I started seeing her coming to church with a certain gentleman last year, I knew something was up.  And then when they were engaged, we were ecstatic!  

Being with these two on their sunrise engagement was just wonderful!  Not the waking up early part, but witnessing their love for one another was simply refreshing.  I cannot wait for their big day in April!

Enjoy their photos....