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Amy | Class of 2015 - Annapolis Senior Photographer

Say "hello" to Amy - a wonderful Class of 2015 Senior I had the opportunity to photograph in Annapolis.  

Now, if Amy looks a bit familiar to you, it's probably because you remember her sister, Hannah, who I photographed last year.  

Amy and I ventured a little in Downtown Annapolis, but we also tried out a new location that I'd been wanting to stop by as well.  I'd been driving through Annapolis for many years now, and recently noticed a wall with some wonderful murals painted on it.  And with Amy being a very talented dancer, I thought she would be the perfect subject for that setting.  She was great!  I know NOTHING about dancing, and Amy performed move after move after move for me until I got what looks we both wanted in-camera.  And THEN she changed & looked amazing for her time at the beach, too!

If you think she's beautiful, you're right.  She has this beauty that radiates from inside out that I hope my girls exude one day too.  

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, Amy - for laughing, for being awkward, for helping me not get hit by cars, and for dancing over & over again - you rock!

Hannah - Class of 2014 | Annapolis Senior Photographer

Well, I think it's very fitting to blog Hannah's senior session today since she just got accepted into her college of choice!  CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH!!!!

This sweet gal is such a down-to-earth, likeable person.  She's the oldest of several siblings (sorry, lost count) & always helping out with them.  I have a feeling her mom & dad will not only miss her help when she heads off next fall, but really miss their first born - I know I would!

Enjoy her senior session!  (and in case you were wondering, we took these at various places in downtown Annapolis & at Jonas Green Park.

2013 Mini Sessions Recap | Annapolis Family Photographer

Well, I THINK it's safe to share these photos with you all.  I'm hoping all of my mini session clients have sent out their Christmas cards & given all their presents....

2013 Fall Mini Sessions were a wonderful success!  I was so excited to be able to meet with & photograph so many great families.  We had several locations this year and they all seemed to fit perfectly with the families that chose them.  And man!  Was I impressed with their stylish outfits!  These people put me to shame with their awesome coordination, but not too matchy-matchy looks.  Great work!  And if YOU are sad you missed our Fall Mini sessions, be on the look out for my Spring 2014 sessions.  We will be having these a little earlier this year so I can get them all shot & out to clients before Baby Sroka #3 arrives in June.

Enjoy all of these lovely families....