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Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai | Annapolis Family Photographer

Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai are three siblings who we've been connected with for years.  I remember meeting their dad, Matt, and his family, before he even married his wonderful wife Trish.  

So when Matt contacted me rather last-minute about surprising his wife with some photos for Mother's Day, I was really excited!  Yes, I am almost ready to pop this baby out, but hey, why just sit around & wait?  If I can still work, still get down, still control my camera, then I'm going to still be taking photos...especially for such dear friends!

Enjoy Trish's Mother's Day surprise...her three children in photos...together...smiling!  {Every mother's dream, right?}


Grant + Jennifer {and Kyle, too} | Ferndale Wedding Photographer

Jennifer & Grant were married in the week where we probably received the most rain in Maryland in memorable history.  It poured & poured & poured in the days leading up to their wedding.  I was truly worried about these two making the trek from Kentucky to Maryland for their big day.  But God answered our prayers, the rains ceased, and the ground began to dry.  It was even lovely enough for our planned first look location - yay!!!

Jennifer is my husband's cousin, but I just call her my cousin.  She & her family have always made me feel so welcome and a part of the family from the very beginning.  There's no way I couldn't call them family!  

And with Jennifer's background in Fashion Design, sewing, and all-around super creativity, I KNEW this was going to be a beautiful wedding.  She's one of those picky people, but picky & sweet at the same time - a dream come true!  Once we established that I, indeed, could shoot her wedding while 8 months pregnant, she kept in constant communication about her plans, what she & Grant wanted, and what we could realistically accomplish.

I couldn't have asked for a better cousin {and new cousin in Grant} on her wedding day.  It was such a joy to see them celebrate with their son, their family and their friends.  Thanks for including me!

Enjoy your sneak peek...

Goldbeck Family | Annapolis Family Photographer

The last time I saw the Goldbeck family their kids were well littler than me.  And now, I need a darn step stool for these "little" ones!  They have grown so much and are really funny to be around now.  

I really enjoyed getting to catch up a little & walk around Annapolis with them last weekend.  When clients return, it's a pleasure to see them & really call them friends instead.  

Enjoy their photos!

Clara & family | Downtown Annapolis Family Photographer

I know that MANY of my family always looks forward to Clara's annual sessions.  What will she wear?  What cool outfit did her mom find?  Will that adorable dog be there?  Well, the wait is over!  I met with Clara & her parents & her puppy, Luna, on Saturday's mini sessions in Downtown Annapolis.  And as usual, we had a great time.  It's like meeting friends downtown for a walk around get-together...but I just happen to make them stop every 5 minutes & take some photos.  Totally normal!  

Well, I won't bore you any more with words, it's time for the photos.  Here's a little peek of what we captured... 

Wonder Woman Clara | Annapolis Family Photographer

About twice annually I get to see Clara with her parents for her photos.  And every year it is a treat!  This past fall she came to me with three outfits to try during our full session:  a Christmas dress, a lovely flowing purple dress, and a Wonder Woman costume - the last two of which were hand-made by the lovely Holly Bowers of Alabama!  She does amazing work & it's so adorable! 

Clara's mom is one of those think ahead people (unlike me) who makes the most of every session.  I saw her in the beginning of October & she had Clara's outfit for Halloween, Christmas, and an extra all ready for our session.  I think that's a wonderful use of our time together.  Now, granted, I've been seeing Clara since she was 2 weeks old, so she's used to multiple outfit changes...and mom & dad are prepared with appropriate incentives to get her in to all of them!

Take a look & enjoy the many faces of Clara...