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Caleb & Robin - Bride + Groom Portraits | Trappe, MD Wedding Photographer

I must first start off this blog by saying that Robin is my youngest sister-in-law and one of THE most wonderful girls I know.  When she started dating Caleb, and subsequently got engaged & then married, my husband I were equally excited & saddened.  Excited that she had found a love for a lifetime, and saddened that she would be moving away from our close-knit family to Florida.  *sniff sniff*

But I digress...

This post is one of a few I will feature on their wedding day.  I am going to show you the several moments throughout their special day that Robin & Caleb set aside for myself & Debbie (my wonderful assistant) to take some portraits of just them.  Not only was it a great time to get some wonderful images of the two of them, it also gave them several uninterrupted moments to just savor the fact that they were married, that they were loved, and that they were starting on an amazing new adventure.  

We took these photos after the family & bridal party pictures, and then again as sun was setting.  Enjoy!