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Making the Most of Your Space

Well, I promised this post earlier in the week, and I THINK I will finally get it done before the week is over!  {thank you, napping baby!}

I don't know about you, but my home is not always in pristine condition for photographing my children.  I much prefer out of doors because, let's be honest, Mother Nature is a much better housekeeper than I am!

With the weather being what it is right now, and little ones getting cold and needing naps, sometimes our only option is a quick 15 minutes indoors.  This post will quickly show you one way that I created a clean, non-distracting space to grab a few shots of my littlest using just what I had and NATURAL light.

The first thing you do, if you don't want to use a flash, is find the space in your house that gets the most natural light during the day and use that area.  For me, it is the front rooms of my home - our bedroom, the kitchen, and the front entryway.  I chose the front entryway in this instance because: 1. I am only working with one child,  2.  The light through my front storm door is great, and 3. It's the easiest to quickly de-clutter.

As you can see from my iPhone shots, this space isn't wonderfully decorated, but that doesn't matter.  You won't even see it once I set up my "stuff."  And by stuff, I mean:  a dining room chair and a roll of kraft paper that we purchased to wrap presents throughout the year.  That's it!

Now if you are working with more than one child, or one that can't sit, or one that runs away, this might be more difficult for you to use.  This is just to give you an idea of using what you have for a quick few photos.  

I rolled the paper over the chair and out long enough to touch my knees as I took her photo.  I gave her some crackers (mistake!), and a few little things to keep her hands busy.  Then I made sure she was facing the light and I was off to the side a little so as not to block my light source.  And that's pretty much it!  

If you are shooting with your iPhone, you can choose the "edit" tab while looking at the photo and crop out the extra unwanted space as shown below. (make sure you choose the little boxes to the right of the "reset" words so you can choose "original" to keep the aspect ratio the same.  If you crop without choosing "original" you will run into problems when you try to print your photo - and you WILL print your photo!)

If you have a photo editing software, you can crop inside of that.  Just do what I say and not what I do - don't give the kid a messy snack like I did!  It's harder to edit out.  

I hope that helps a little.  You CAN do it!  Go take a photo of your kid that is  just a little more thought out than the occasional snap with your phone.  It will be a little cleaner looking, their nose will be wiped, their outfit will be clean, and you'll be happy you did it.