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Amy | Class of 2015 - Annapolis Senior Photographer

Say "hello" to Amy - a wonderful Class of 2015 Senior I had the opportunity to photograph in Annapolis.  

Now, if Amy looks a bit familiar to you, it's probably because you remember her sister, Hannah, who I photographed last year.  

Amy and I ventured a little in Downtown Annapolis, but we also tried out a new location that I'd been wanting to stop by as well.  I'd been driving through Annapolis for many years now, and recently noticed a wall with some wonderful murals painted on it.  And with Amy being a very talented dancer, I thought she would be the perfect subject for that setting.  She was great!  I know NOTHING about dancing, and Amy performed move after move after move for me until I got what looks we both wanted in-camera.  And THEN she changed & looked amazing for her time at the beach, too!

If you think she's beautiful, you're right.  She has this beauty that radiates from inside out that I hope my girls exude one day too.  

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, Amy - for laughing, for being awkward, for helping me not get hit by cars, and for dancing over & over again - you rock!

Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai | Annapolis Family Photographer

Matthew, Jonathan & Sarai are three siblings who we've been connected with for years.  I remember meeting their dad, Matt, and his family, before he even married his wonderful wife Trish.  

So when Matt contacted me rather last-minute about surprising his wife with some photos for Mother's Day, I was really excited!  Yes, I am almost ready to pop this baby out, but hey, why just sit around & wait?  If I can still work, still get down, still control my camera, then I'm going to still be taking photos...especially for such dear friends!

Enjoy Trish's Mother's Day surprise...her three children in photos...together...smiling!  {Every mother's dream, right?}


Kathi & Marty | Chesapeake Beach Engagement

Well, I don't know about you, but I a completely over all of this snow! I know it has been fun, we've had plenty of time playing in snow - sledding & hiking through the woods - but I am longing for just a tad bit warmer weather!  And I am really looking forward to these two's wedding in about two months as well.  I KNOW it will be warmer by then!

I have known Kathi for over 10 years.  She and I attend the same church & my husband and I used to live in the same part of town as her.  When I started seeing her coming to church with a certain gentleman last year, I knew something was up.  And then when they were engaged, we were ecstatic!  

Being with these two on their sunrise engagement was just wonderful!  Not the waking up early part, but witnessing their love for one another was simply refreshing.  I cannot wait for their big day in April!

Enjoy their photos....