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Amy | Class of 2015 - Annapolis Senior Photographer

Say "hello" to Amy - a wonderful Class of 2015 Senior I had the opportunity to photograph in Annapolis.  

Now, if Amy looks a bit familiar to you, it's probably because you remember her sister, Hannah, who I photographed last year.  

Amy and I ventured a little in Downtown Annapolis, but we also tried out a new location that I'd been wanting to stop by as well.  I'd been driving through Annapolis for many years now, and recently noticed a wall with some wonderful murals painted on it.  And with Amy being a very talented dancer, I thought she would be the perfect subject for that setting.  She was great!  I know NOTHING about dancing, and Amy performed move after move after move for me until I got what looks we both wanted in-camera.  And THEN she changed & looked amazing for her time at the beach, too!

If you think she's beautiful, you're right.  She has this beauty that radiates from inside out that I hope my girls exude one day too.  

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, Amy - for laughing, for being awkward, for helping me not get hit by cars, and for dancing over & over again - you rock!

Carolyn - Class of 2014 | Broadneck Senior High Photographer

Well, I'm sad to say, Carolyn is the last of three siblings I have photographed for their senior pictures.  They are too much fun & too sweet for me to let them go!  But I'm very thankful they've kept coming back to me for each of these milestones in their kids' lives...what a joy to witness!

Carolyn & I were able to squeeze in her session before Baby Sroka #3 AND before a rain storm!  Whenever I start with a senior, I always tell them that it will feel awkward at first, but not to worry, they will NOT look as weird as they feel when I'm making them pose.  And Carolyn was a natural!  Besides being absolutely beautiful, she's a soccer player {YES YES YES!} and just a really neat girl.

Oh, and those last series of images, with all the little yellow buttercups?  I MUST give props to my girls for this spot. Whenever we drive places they help me find what they call "pretty places" to take photos, and one of our favorite things to spot in the spring is buttercups!  They love holding them under their chins to see if they like butter.  You do that too, right?

Well, enjoy Carolyn's senior photos.  And good luck after you graduate, girl.  I know you'll do great!

Hannah - Class of 2014 | Annapolis Senior Photographer

Well, I think it's very fitting to blog Hannah's senior session today since she just got accepted into her college of choice!  CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH!!!!

This sweet gal is such a down-to-earth, likeable person.  She's the oldest of several siblings (sorry, lost count) & always helping out with them.  I have a feeling her mom & dad will not only miss her help when she heads off next fall, but really miss their first born - I know I would!

Enjoy her senior session!  (and in case you were wondering, we took these at various places in downtown Annapolis & at Jonas Green Park.