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Landon, Hudson & Jamison | Pasadena Family Photographer

These three little fellas are a few of my many nephews on my side of the family.  They are the youngest three & quite active!  So getting a few shots of all of them looking was a challenge.  Thankfully my brother was willing to make funny noises & faces, and my sister-in-law was ready with treats for smiles - way to go parents!

And I couldn't let the two of them get away without a few photos of them as well!  Enjoy their little ones...

Madilyn & Regan | Annapolis Child Photographer

Madilyn & Regan are the sweet daughters of my even sweeter friend Stephanie.  Steph & I have known each other through the awkward teenage years, the dating {really tall} boys, getting engaged, married, & now having our third kids within weeks of one another.  To say she's one of my best friends is an understatement.  And I love that her husband & her kids have become just as dear to me as well.  

Before these two little girls get their worlds turned upside down by baby brother, they met me downtown in Annapolis for my mini sessions.  I actually picked one of the streets we shot on because Steph sent me Madi's outfit via text.  I just couldn't resist using my favorite coral & yellow Annapolis house!  (even though we did have to squeeze between a parked car & the front door!)

And I THINK Regan might be starting to not hate me - win!  She actually gave me some smiles...that or it was smiles for her daddy behind me, but we can pretend it was me.  

Here are their very spring-like photos.  Love these girls!  And I cannot wait to see a boy version of these adorable babes!

Bryce - Six Months | Arnold, MD Child Photographer

Gah!   This little man is so squishable I could just eat him up!  (If you don't have kids, that might sound creepy to you.)  Bryce is my neighbor in our little community in Arnold and I asked his mom if I could borrow him once he started sitting up to try out a vision I had with balloons.  He wasn't sitting up when I asked, but as you can see below, he's doing great now!  So, about 4 dozen balloons later, testing out various set ups on my (unwilling) daughters & their baby dolls, I think I got what I was looking for.  And you know what?  The great thing is that with each new child, every sessions looks different - and I LOVE that!  I am always happy to practice my in-home studio lighting setup & am so thankful to Bryce's parents for letting me borrow him.  He was great!  Enjoy his cuteness....